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The Biggest Technological Breakthrough in Golf History has now happened in the United States. The World's First Computerized Golf Clubs aka Genius Golf Clubs Developed For the Internet

April 26, 2004--Finally beginning golfers to the Professionals no longer have to be embarrassed by their golf game!

Virtual reality can no longer cut it.

Internet Golf Multimedia introduces the biggest breakthrough in golf history, which is the world's first and only Computerized Golf Clubs aka Genius Golf Clubs (GGC)with built-in Internet connectivity!

The Genius Golf Clubs are wireless.

There are the Genius Putter ($1000 US only) and the Genius Driver ($2000 US only).

Perfecting your short and long game at home, in the office, and your backyard is now a new and better option in our hi-tech world.

Now golfers can have a pro-golfer teacher guide built-into Real Smart Golf Clubs, via microprocessors (inside the head), computer graphics, used with your own Personal Computer. The Genius Golf Club technologies is light years ahead of virtual reality, since the golfer holds a custom golf club.

The Smart Golf Clubs development is based on 23 years of Research and Development by a small group of dedicated scientist and engineers, who
span several generations of Polytechnic University graduates and students.

The Genius Golf Clubs is the perfect diagnostic and training tool!

Now your Genius Golf Clubs has eyes and ears.

The Genius Golf Clubs provides personalized training, and creates your own personal history to learn by.

The Genius Golf Clubs uses Microsofts Visual Basic and another version uses Suns Java.

There are Wi-fi and Bluetooth versions of the Genius Golf Clubs available.

The Genius Golf Clubs has the perfect balance and weight as ordinary or "DUMB" golf clubs.

Using the core IGM technologies, other sports will follow!

Power of the Internet with Genius Golf

For the first time in history two Genius Golf Club Golfers can play a putting competition against each other on the Internet in real-time!

Take real golf lessons with your Genius Golf Club on the Internet.

More importantly a full round of golf can be played on the Internet 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, with the Genius Golf Clubs.

Now golfers can practice, perfect, compete and learn the game of golf via the power of the Internet.

Internet Golf Multimedia, Inc.
Contact: Wil Murdock
Tel: 718-882-6652

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