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Golf and fashion finally meet

Las Vegas, NV January 1, 2004--A fresh fashionable approach to women’s golf debuts at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Florida. Green Divas, a new brand of golf gear designed explicitly for today’s female golfer, makes its first appearance at the golf industries’ largest show in January.

Green Divas co-founder and COO, Kim Hatchell explains how the idea began, “ It’s really a great success story in the making. My husband bought me golf lessons for my birthday and at first I was a bit angry thinking we’d hit a pivotal point in our marriage if this was all he could come up with.” She goes on, “ I said, your not a dentist, and I’m way under 60, why would I want to take up golf?”

But Kim did indeed take the golf lessons and fell head over heels in love with the game, joking with friends that it was the best kept secret men have and that if she had any idea how much fun golf was, she would have started years ago. Not long after, in October of 2002, Kim joined some girlfriends on what she refers to as a mid-life “girls trip” to Las Vegas. Kim spent much of the trip going on and on about how much she loved the game but how dreadful the choices for golf bags were. She continues, “After a few a margaritas and hours of brainstorming with best friend and business partner, Michelle Boulier, the beginning concepts for Green Divas began to emerge, and once we got started we just couldn’t stop.”

The girlfriends who call themselves, the Divas, incorporated and began designing, manufacturing and not long after distributing their new line of golf gear. In August of 2003 the word began to spread, and as Michelle Boulier co-founder and CFO explains, “ the response has been incredible, there are now Green Divas golf bags in almost every state in the US, and in a few countries overseas.”

The Divas have certainly launched their brand, Green Divas, into an emerging market that is, at best, decades behind the fashion industry. National Golf Federation writes that women represent forty percent of all new golfers and influence eighty-seven percent of golf sales in golf shops.

Michelle Boulier reflects, “There is a huge stereo-type associated with golf for women under 40, but we plan to change all that and make women across the country pick up the game”, which she too has learned to love. “ Not only is golf a great networking and business tool, but any woman who has children and especially those in the workforce, can appreciate 4 hours outdoors in the sun with a group of girlfriends whacking a ball around, it’s a great stress reliever.”

The Green Divas have expanded their designs to include choices for men and youth as well, under their SwivelGear line. In a sport with dwindling participation rates and decreased sales, these gals are starting a movement and gaining momentum with attitude and style. Move over boys, the Divas have arrived!

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