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November 28 2003--Golfers! Have you ever seen a fellow golfer take a nice fat divot out of the fairway and then stroll off pretending that it never happened, or was it perhaps you? Take heart my friends; it seems to happen all the time. Having landed in an un-repaired divot on more than one occasion myself, I know the frustration and can sympathize with those of you who’ve experienced it. Help is at hand!

A small firm in Cape Town, South Africa has been researching divot repair and the habits of those who make them. They’ve subsequently developed an outstanding product, which looks set to take the front row at corporate events and company golf days.

Sand or sand/seed mix is normally made available at courses where repairs are supposed to be carried out by the golfers themselves. This process, by the way, definitely speeds up the recovery time of the divot. The mix, provided by the golf course, can now be transported on the golfers bag in a really unique sand bottle by the name of Eezi Divot.

Asked why they decided to challenge convention and invest in this venture, Barry Henebrey the inventor said:
“Golfers have enough to worry about while playing a round, we just felt that an inexpensive and convenient method for divot repairs was vital to the enjoyment of the game.
In the Western Cape, where our head office is based, all golf courses require that the golfer carry sand with them to effect repairs. Up until now, they’ve carried this mix in a bag with a string. A bit archaic, don’t you think?”

“We designed the Eezi Divot, not only to carry enough mix but also to advertise company logos or brand names. Perfect as a handout at corporate golf days and golf events.
We’ve just got back from the Presidents Cup at Fancourt where we had a fantastic response for Presidents Cup branded product, it was wonderful to see such public interest!”

Eezi Divot has been available in South Africa since June 2002 and their market penetration has exceeded 25% already. Made from high-density polyethylene, the device is spill proof, snug on a golf bag and attractive. You can buy the product from their website or post an enquiry for corporate branded units for your next golf day.

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