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Updated MotionCoach 1.4.1 opens new opportunities for golf instructors.

Guelph, Ontario July 29, 2004 -- With the release of MotionCoach 1.4.1, Mediavention Inc., provides golf instructors using MotionCoach golf swing analysis software, a new powerful competitive advantage.

The new Lesson->CD (Lesson to CD) technology helps instructors better promote their services at Demo/Open Days, Tournaments, Trade Shows and Corporate events.

The Lesson->CD technology provides three advantaged to Instructors:

1.Complete control over how and what is exported to the CD
2.Customizable lesson installation packages with hooks for sponsorship
3.Export video files direct to CD, for safe storage

Lessons on CD have always been an integral part of the MotionCoach software studio. In July 2001 MotionCoach was the first system to provide a freely distributable lesson viewer.

The MotionCoach lesson viewer (MotionCAD FS) is a software application that is installed on the studentís home computer. More than a simple video (or video tape replacement), MotionCAD FS lessons are interactive, letting the student review, play, zoom, print, and listen to the lesson.

The Lesson->CD process is simple and designed to fit inside the tight lesson schedule. When the instructor is satisfied with the information of the analysis, she/he opens Lesson->CD screen and starts the CD writing process. More then one lesson can be added to a CD.

The lesson itself is generated directly and automatically from the instructorís analysis while teaching. When the student later views the lesson, it appears exactly how the instructor left it.

To provide extended service, the lesson distribution kit can be customized. Links to web pages, e-mail addresses, videos, phone and contact information and other promotional materials can be embedded into the lesson delivered to the student, opening new sponsorship opportunity to any golf business.

These Lesson->CD customized distribution kits, can be simply installed into the MotionCoach system, the MotionCoach installation system controls everything. The MotionCoach, CustomerCare Center, provides a service to create customized lesson distribution kits for its customers.

In addition to these features, the instructor using MotionCoach, can now select a single or series of videos from the Video Manager, and export them to CD, computer folder, Networked computer, or any removable storage device.

For a limited time, a complete system including, Notebook Computer (with built-in CD writer), Camera, Tripod, Computer Stand, and Carry Case is $2231.00 USD, software alone $890.00 USD.

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