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All-in-One Golf Club - 34 Golf Clubs in 1 Telescopic Shaft

Telescopic Golf Clubs have become the most innovative and attractive
golf clubs on the market, while maintaining the highest performance and
latest golf club physics ever developed. Great for any golfer, these clubs
collapse to half their size. Great as an addition to your current set or a
range of needs from travel, business promotion, gifts, seniors, motorcyclists,
compact carrying needs and ease of mobility.

Be sure to check out the All-in-One Golf Club, an entire set in 1 club!
The All-in-One Golf Club is 34 Golf Clubs in 1 telescopic shaft that extends to
a rock solid 38 inches for the most versatile golf ever played. Hits as far /accurate
as any set of clubs! Robotic tests by Golf Labs.

Check out our entire line of telescopic adjustable golf clubs.

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