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Get Great Golf Merchandise, But Keep Your Wallet In Your Pocket!

Woodland Hills, CA August, 2003 – Golf Barter Merchandise of Woodland Hills, CA is marketing a service which lets golf resorts and golf clubs acquire golf merchandise for an agreed-upon price. However, participating golf clubs don’t pay in cash, but ‘trade’ for tee times which Golf Barter Merchandise then sells to wholesalers. The service has, in a short period, become a major hit among golf clubs across the USA.

The Art Of The Deal

The reason for Golf Barter Merchandise’s success is that it’s a win-win situation for all involved. Golf clubs receive top quality merchandise -- complete with their logo and in their own colors -- without paying a nickel in cash. They then sell their hats, towels, etc. to visitors and members, and generate a full profit margin.

The clubs ‘pay’ with tee times (or hotel rooms), which often would have gone unused anyway. Golf Barter Merchandise sells the tee times to its wholesalers (including a vast network of Internet resellers).

Tee Times And Hotel Rooms Are A Perishable Commodity

Each golf course has about 60 tee-time slots in a day, and 240 people can potentially play if all the slots are filled. That is about $6,000 to $30,000 in inventory that the course can hold. And that is how much money it “wastes” if it does not get those slots filled up. The same is true for unused resort hotel rooms. Golf Barter Merchandise always accommodates participating golf clubs so the tee times it acquires are spread evenly over peak/non peak periods.

A Typical Successful Deal

Woodhaven Country Club in Palm Desert, CA is very happy with its recent ‘hat’ barter! They acquired 4,032 hats @ $8.50 embroidered with their own logo. They are now selling the hats to visitors for $18.00 (20% discount for Members) and gave Golf Merchandise Barter $35,000 worth of tee time certificates in exchange -- spread out over a year! No out-of-pocket for Woodhaven and they earn $15.00 - $18.00 per hat!

Company Background

Golf Merchandise Barter was founded by Roger Brunetti after his successful career in travel operations and merchandise promotions. “I always like deals whereby everyone wins and which are easy to explain,” says Roger. “My customers usually pay attention pretty quickly when I tell them that they can get great golf merchandise, but they should keep their wallet in their pocket!”

A Big Hit In the Trade!

Golf Merchandise Barter initially called on prestigious clubs in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, CA, but based on requests has since expanded its marketing nationally. Some of the recent comments made by the Directors of Golf Operations and General Managers were: "This has to be a 'no brainer', why wouldn't I be interested?" and "You mean, I wouldn't have to pay you any cash at all?"

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