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"Muscle Memory is a Myth!" - Golf Biomechanic Reveals Body Movement Memory Breakthrough - Now Golfers Can Monitor and Correct their Golf Swings - Before They Hit the Golf Ball

September 13, 2004 -- For years golfers have relied on endless repetition to try to lock their body movements into memory. The name, "Muscle Memory" was coined for this process. But there are no muscle memory cells, and without being actively engaged in the process, the brain won't remember body movements.

Tracy Reed has been teaching a process that will increase golfers' awareness of their golf swings so that they not only remember them, they can actually monitor and correct their golf swings before they make a bad shot, rather than wonder afterward what happened. The process Tracy teaches is linked to the body's balance auto-response system, which automatically re-balances the body in any sudden out of balance situations.

If you trip, the body immediately tries to keep you from falling. The auto response system acts faster than the conscious mind can react to keep you upright. The auto response system in the body is always working. Tracy has found a way to tap into this system that is already operating within your body and put the information to use for the golf swing. "The overwhelming response is, "Wow!" as soon as they start seeing fast results."

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